About Us

Our vision is to provide an extra level of protection and security to our mobile devices. With many similar products available, Foneleash strives to add a sense of fashion and combines the function of three popular products into one. Hang your phone around your neck, on your wrist, on your hand, or a combination of all three! Designed here in the USA and put thru rigorous testing for quality assurance.

Have you ever...

  • Dropped your phone leading to costly glass screen repairs in the hundreds
  • Lost or misplaced your phone 
  • Been pickpocketted
  • Needed to bring your phone but do not have any pockets

Foneleash comes in handy in all those situations...

  • Quick accessibility to cellphone when worn around your neck
  • Eliminates digging thru your bag or purse to look for your phone
  • Prevents pickpocketting when attached to a belt loop
  • Wrist and Handstrap make holding on to your phone much easier

How we came to be.. 

Hello. I'm Marvin and I am the founder and creator of foneleash. I have been using mobile phones since their inception. I can't recall how many phones I've lost or damaged thru out the years from dropping a phone into a swimming pool, cracking its screen from a clumsy fall, or loosing it at a crowded music festival.

After several hundreds of dollars down the drain from costly replacements or repairs and the inconveniences of losing my data and migrating over to a new device, there still did not seem to be a great way to prevent this from happening again.

It was not until September of 2016 that I took a trip to the Philippines and Japan with some friends. When traveling, your phone is your life. My entire itinerary and the use of online maps everywhere I went meant losing my phone would be a total disaster. I would not be able to take any photos or videos and was also worried about being pick pocketed in a foreign country. My phone was everything.

Thus came the idea for a leash. My first leash was created by simply attaching a plastic action camera tether mount with some adhesive onto my phone. This created an anchor point to attach to any type of lanyard. The lanyard allowed me to loop my phone into my belt loop much similar to the days of wallet chains. This contraption gave me peace of mind and my phone survived the trip unscathed including surviving my motorcycle accident as well! 

The foneleash is a well designed yet simple-looking improvement over its original concept with extra features and style to make it fashionably appealing and easily removable without any adhesives. It was created by someone who had the worst luck with the use and handling of mobile devices. I hope the leash will help protect and make using your phone a more worry free experience.